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Credit is part of your financial power. Nowadays, it is what determines what things you can get, where you can live, what type of car you can drive, or even where you work. Improving your credit score will ultimately help you achieve financial freedom.


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Your credit score comes from your credit report; it is your spending and repayment report card. Credit reports often aren’t correct, and incorrect information can hurt your score. We make sure the your credit report contains correct information so you’ll have the highest score possible.


Our service includes your private assessment, contacting creditors on your behalf, sending documentation back and forth, and more. We have been trained on recent laws, statutes, and credit reporting practices. We also know what items on your report affect your score the most.


A low credit score can keep you from the things you want. But did you know a low credit score can impact a lot more than just financing? Do the best thing you can do for your future. Call us today and let our experience save you time, money, and frustration. Our experts are here to help.


Credit report is like a report card which provides detailed information of your financial history. Creditors voluntarily report your credit information to credit bureaus. Those bureaus then will assemble your information into a file called Credit Report, and will sell/share your information with lenders, who want to determine your credit worthiness.
Credit report will include your personal information, such as names, addresses, date of birth, social security number, marital status, etc. It also includes your credit information, such as accounts reported monthly, when in default, public records, inquiries, etc.
It is a number used by financial institutions to determine your risk level when issuing you a loan or a credit card. This number ranges from 300 to 850. A higher score indicates that you are a low risk. A lower score indicates that you are a high risk.
Your credit score (FICO) score is being calculated using many different pieces of data. They are grouped into the following 5 categories:
1) Payment history (35%)
2) Outstanding debt (30%)
3) Credit age (15%)
4) Inquiries (10%)
5) Credit mix (10%)
The percentages shows how important each category is in determining your credit score.
Credit reports do now show the following:
– Medical conditions
– Non-credit accounts
– Criminal records
– Paid utilities, unless requested to be reported
– Paid rent on time
– Salary and savings
– All of you credit information may not be reported to all three credit bureaus. The information on your credit report is supplied by lenders, collection agencies and court records.
– Lenders report credit information to the credit bureaus at different times.
– The credit bureaus may record, display or store the same information in different ways
– Scores are calculated using different scoring models. There are dozens of credit scoring models.
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Mail: Complete “Annual Credit Report Request” form and mail it to Annual Credit Report Request Service (P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281)
Credit reports can also be ordered directly from the 3 main credit bureaus.
Nowadays, we are becoming increasingly dependent on credit to make financial decisions. A good credit score can determine many aspects of your financial life. Need to apply for a mortgage or a car loan, or simply need a credit card? Your credit score affects your interest rates, directly impacting your monthly payment, by increasing or decreasing the amount you are charged. Many employers also conduct credit report checks as part of the hiring process to decide if a prospective employee is financially responsible.
We have a strategic plan to target and remove negative items from your credit report. Our experts will thoroughly analyze your credit report to identify discrepancies and will implement a personalized tactic to target those items. Our approach includes targeting everything every time. We do not limit how many items are disputed each time as we understand the importance of getting fast results. Since we are only paid when negative items are removed from your credit report, you better believe that we do everything possible to get those items removed. We do not believe in charging you a monthly fee with hopes that your credit will improve. We are committed to help you fix your credit!
During 1:1 consultation, we will complete the following:
– Help you access your credit report from all three credit bureaus
-Educate you about what your credit score means
– Consult you what requirements may be needed pertaining to any financing you are attempting to get approved for
– Review your credit report and identify negative items that are impacting your credit score
– Advise you steps you can take on your own to maximize your credit score
– Answer your questions and concerns.
-Determine if we are a good fit. We will absolutely refuse to take an account if we believe that we cannot make any difference. If your credit report contains simple items which you can easily fix yourself, we will just provide you guidance and direction to take to re-establish your credit.

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