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Why Form a C Corporation?

C Corporation is a type of business structure that allows owners or shareholders to be taxed seperately from their entity. This type of model offers personal protection from lawsuits, and separates owners’ assets from that of the corporation.

Limited Liability

Protect your assets from frivolous business lawsuits and debts. Owners often choose this entity type to avoid being personally liable from any wrongdoing that an employee or other shareholders do.

Tax Advanages

Although a C Corporation is not a pass through entity, which means that business profits can be subjected to double taxation, it nevertheless offers many tax breaks, unlike LLC, limited liability partnership, or even S Corporation.

Unlimited Shareholders

As opposed to an LLC or an S Corporation, C Corporation offers unlimited owners (aka "shareholders".

More Attractive to Investors

C Corporation is a well respected business entity that often attracts investors. Owning shares in a C Corporation is considered preferable than owning shares in an S Corporation or an LLC membership.

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Benefits of
C Corporation

Provides Privacy

If you are a sole proprietor and do not want to present to public with your name, then registering for DBA is a great. You do not have to have your name appear in the public record when your business name is mentioned.

Register for a business bank account

You do not need an LLC or a Corporation to have a business bank account. You will be able to obtain a business bank account with DBA!

Easy form

Did you know that DBA is one of the easiest and fastest entities to register. As a sole proprietor, it is the easiest way to register your name with the State.

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Receive Your Documents

Our experts will follow up with the Secretary of State and once your company is incorporated, you will receive your documents.


C Corporation is a type of entity that provides owners personal asset liability from creditors. It provides personal liability from frivolous lawsuits. 

Unlike an S Corporation, which can only have 100 shareholders, a C Corporation can have unlimited number of owners and multiple classes of stock. 

One of the main differences between the two entities is how they are taxed. C Corporation income is taxed twice, the business will pay taxes on its net income, and the shareholders will pay taxes of their income, profit. Whereas in an S Corporation, only the shareholders pay taxes on received profits.

Yes, states require you to appoint a registered agent when filing for Articles of Incorporation. If you are doing business in any other state outside of your home state, then you need to appoint a registered agent who can accept legal documents on your behalf. If you are doing business in more than one state, then you must appoint a registered agent in each state. Additionally, it is very important that you notify the state when there are any changes of regisred agent.

Any time there are changes in your business, such as business structure, business address, phone number, it must be updated to reflect the current and accurate information.

Fees vary depending on where you are planning to form your S Corporation. Contact us to learn about the state fees.

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